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"the picture of a vivacious man who was inexhaustibly curious about the people around him and who often saw the world in an optimistic light, despite the darknesses in his own life." 

(Killian Fox)

"This is a masterful film from Dunn about one of America’s greatest photographers. A legend who we can all learn from" (Jeff Prestridge)

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"In a conversation with BJP-online, Dunn and Scott, discuss the challenges and responsibilities involved in presenting Feinstein’s life and work."

(Hannah abel-Hirsch)

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"Blending archive footage with first-hand interviews, Last Stop Coney Island tracks his forgotten years, questioning why a figure of his gravity disappeared from view. It also includes first-hand conversations with Feinstein himself offering a window into the mind of one of America’s greats."

(Niall Flynn)

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"Last Stop would be a welcome tribute at any time, but it's especially bracing when today's constant deluge of visual images can't help but dilute the impact of photography. Dunn's film is fully attuned to the vibrancy and tenderness and sense of possibility in Feinstein's photos."

(Sheri Linden)


A Brooklyn native, Feinstein fell in love with photography as a teenager in the 1940s – and, while his pictures and his name may not be familiar to the masses, his life and work provide a snapshot into a bygone era in America. Now a new film is telling his story

(Sheila Flynn)


"a loving portrait of a remarkable man...this is a worthwhile documentary to set alongside recent portraits of Vivian Maier, Robert Frank and Gordon Parks" (Saskia Baron)

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 "a brilliant feat of storytelling, editing, and use of carefully gathered information"

(Eloise Wright)

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"an energetic and deeply touching voyage through Harold’s life...the whole film radiates with the energy of a man who sought the best in people and encouraged their joy de vivre"

(Laura Snoad)

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